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New Year's Resolution

from New Year's Resolution (Single) by Amerigo Gazaway

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How those New Year's resolutions coming along? Raise up your glasses and listen to a sneak peak from Amerigo Gazaway's 'Another Christmas Album', dropping November 2023.


[Verse 1: Amerigo Gazaway]
Looking back in hindsight, it’s been a hell of a year
We had a lot of highs and lows. but I’m just thankful we’re here
To live to fight another day, each one is blessing
So keep your head up and try not to crack under the pressure
'Cause they gon' try to tear you down every chance that they get
And focus on the negative but yo we cannot forget
It's time to take stock, of all the goals we’ve accomplished
Let’s not dwell in the past, I suggest that we count our losses
Move onwards and upwards and strive to do better
I’m sorry I forgot to call, that's why I'm writing this letter
My new years resolution? Be kinder to others
Because we’re all going through it, we're just trying to recover
And rest In peace, to all of those who didn’t make it
Their presence was a gift and there’s no way we can replace them
Gotta face it, death comes for all, we must embrace it
But this New Year's let’s forget all our troubles and just get wasted

[Verse 2: Amerigo Gazaway]
It’s been another tough year but we still persevere
A lot of trials and tribulations but I’m thankful we’re here
To live to see another day, each second is precious
I put it all on the the table, these are just some confessions
I know I haven’t been exercising as much as I should
Staying up late at night, drinking, up to no good
Thinkin' if only I could, try to break these bad habits
And mark myself safe from weapons of mass distraction
Spend more time with family, and less time scrolling
Less time watching 'dumpster fires' and 'online trolling'
Go outside more, stretch, and get a breath of fresh air
'Cause when I look into the mirror all I see is gray hairs
See we ain’t getting younger, I’m just keeping it real
But never too late learn, or pick up a new skill
Let’s make a toast, for everybody who still with us
Now approaching ‘midnight!', better find out who you kissin'


from New Year's Resolution (Single), released January 15, 2023
Written, performed and produced by Amerigo Gazaway
Soul Mates Records 2023




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