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A follow up to my 2012 song "Rosebud":

All proceeds will be donated to the Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail Fund: rally.org/covers/3YdX1E8gE2A



Verse 1:
Some cops will try to act like they own you
They confiscating cameras and they snatchin’ up phones too
Harass and teargas you, so don’t get to close to ‘em
Here to “protect and serve”, yeah that’s not what these folks doin’
Cuz right now, ain’t no justice for Mike Browns
In white towns and they just expect us to pipe down
I’m like “wow”, these motherf*uckers gotta lotta nerve
Asked what the officer’s name was, but not a word
Day two, as the crisis ensues
And the right wing news tries to divide us in two
Let’s have a moment of silence, no more violence
And if you’re just finding out about it, open your eyelids
Don’t shoot, cuz it’s still happening all around us
Surrounded, I’m trying to stay calm but my heart is poundin’
Bad boys, bad boys in blue
Whatcha gonna do when someone points them toys at you

Don’t shoot, for those of you who share my world view
Don’t shoot, just turn on the news if you want proof
Don’t shoot, no limit to what they gon’ do
Swear to tell the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth
Don’t shoot

Hands up, don’t shoot x2
I’m begging you don’t shoot
Hands up, don’t shoot x 2
Swear to tell the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth
Don't shoot

Verse 2:
But it isn’t just the cops, it’s bigger than hip-hop
It’s propaganda and hatred perpetuated by Fox
It makes me sick to my stomach it’s devastating to watch
But if we remain complacent the cycle just never stops
It’s isn’t just viral videos flashing up on your screen
The revolution will not be your hashtags and memes
It ain’t a war on terror, it’s war against black teens
Obama, Dr. King, black culture and black dreams
Population control, withholding (Ebola/Corona) vaccines
And the CIA distributing dope to crack fiends
While the 1% is still in control of the cash streams
In the “land of the free” but what exactly does that mean?
And it isn’t just on twitter it’s happing in the streets
It’s happing int he church, it could happen to you or me
It’s happening everywhere but how much do we really care?
Is it enough to stand up and say something or sit and stare
At the share button, just acting like we don’t hear nothin’
Folks is out here killing for sport, like the was deer-huntin’
I know you hear me screaming at the top of my lungs
And I know you can understand me, I’m not speaking native tongues
Don’t shoot, cuz Momma said to never play with guns
But Uncle Sam said the he would loan me his just for fun
It ain’t a .38 Special but it get’s the job done
You can sign on the dotted line if you wanna “cop” one


Verse 3:
Did you care? When Eric Garner was gasping for air?
Did you care when Trayvon Martin was caught in the crosshairs
Did you care? Tell the truth, did you even shed a tear?
Do you have kids of your own? Do you problems really compare?
Is it fair? To pass judgement when you weren’t even there?
Are blinded by the glare, or just hearing impaired?
Are you scared? Or too caught up in foreign affairs
To admit that the same thing is happening over here?
I can see it crystal clear, but it isn’t just Black and White
It’s Middle Eastern, Hispanic, anyone who ain’t they’re type
Doesn’t matter if you’re strollin’, roliin’, or on a bike
It could be in broad daylight or the middle of the night
And they can try to claim they don’t know the difference from wrong and right
But you know better, cuz nobody said it better than Spike
And when I’m on the mic I just say whatever I like
So if you don’t agree then feel free to take a hike
Cuz when you’re young and you’re brown and you grow up in the South
You see things that’’ll make you want throw up in your mouth
Sometimes it kinda makes me wanna murder, for reala
But f*ck the police and peace to my man Dilla
Cuz yo, I’m not a killa, a terrorist or a thug
Just a person who knows the pain of losing someone you love
These are struggles every black and minority goes through
So when I say throw your hands up, motherf*cker don’t shoot

Don’t shoot, for those of you who share my world view
Don’t shoot. just turn on the news if you want proof
Don’t shoot. no limit to what they gon’ do
Swear to tell the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth
Don’t shoot, unless it’s with your mobile devices
Don’t shoot, unless you witness someone in crisis
Don’t shoot, we got problems that are bigger than Isis
So my message to you and my word of advice is
Don’t shoot

Hands up, don’t shoot x 2
I’m begging you don’t shoot
Don’t shoot, R.I.P. Young Bou
Swear to tell the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth
Don't shoot


from Don't Shoot (Single), released February 23, 2017
Written, Performed and Produced by Amerigo Gazaway




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